Rubek Balloons is exporting its Balloons to countries like Europe, UK, Gulf countries etc
Planning to export to SAARC Nations, American Countries, etc



Strategic Products Sdn Bhd,
Walot, 1032, Jalan KB, 2/15,
Balakong, 43300 Seri Kembangan,
Salangor, Malaysia
TF 603 8961 1100


Dubai Trading & Confectionary Company
PO Box 4042,
Baniyas Street
Behind Emirates Bank
Al Owais Tower (Al abrah Business Centre)
5th Floor, Flat 502
Deira, DUBAI (UAE)
TF 0097142262265


Gulf Toys Centre
PO Box 4042, Dubai UAE
TF 04-2262265-2266021



Fair Deal Trading – Community Foods Ltd
83/A, Mill Hill Road
London W 38 JF , UK


Hostrate Trade Links
SZE, Box No.17254
Ajman Freezon



Ibbrayappa Expo
315/20, City Centre
1st floor, (Opp. Jamiya Masjid)
WGC Road, Tutcorin 628002
(Exporters to various countries)


  7.   Mr. Cinto Thattil Lawrence
Marketing Manager
Rubek Balloons Pvt Ltd
Mob- 09846728540
Sales network within India
The Company has Superstockists/Distributors in all the important States in India and will soon expand its marketing net work by appointment of Superstockists in other areas/regions/States.
Contact persons:
Sl. No. Place Name & Cotact No.
01. North Shri. Suresh Pal

Mobile no. 09312261563
02. East Shri. Debashish Roy

Mobile No. 09830525788
03. West Shri Deepak Khanderia

Mobile No. 09375986399
04. South Mukesh Sharma

Mobile No.09246171154
05. Tamil Nadu Chennai - Shine Enterprises

Mr Manikantan
Mobile No. 09884351550
06. Coimbatore Poly Agencies

Mr Ketan Shah
Mobile No. 09894794794
07. Karnataka Akash Zen AD

Mr Jugal Vira
Ph: 080-25441812
Mobile No. 09845062650
08. Kerala Mr T N Krishnan Kutty

Area Sales Mgr
Mobile No.09847458451

For any export enquiry/any other information

N K Pankajakshan Nair

Factory Manager
TF 91-484-2257025/265545/46
Mobile No.9747921150
Marketing Dept
TF 91-484-265545/46 – Fax 91-484-2656516

Shri Jose V Mathew

General Manager (Tech)
Mobile No.9847058915

Res No: 0484 2205849


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